College Tuition Solution lets you pay for college tuition using tenant-paid rental income. Give your kids a chance and learn about the five facts you need to know to pay for your kid's or grandkid's college educations.
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How to Pay For Your Kids' College Education
With One Income-producing Rental Property Per Child

Paying for kids college is a struggle for most families and costs rising faster than inflation.

The reality is that most families cannot set aside $400 per month (per child) for 15 years in order to have the money to pay for good schools for their children.

Join this webinar and you'll learn how to pay
for kids college using rental income paid by
tenants and build a longterm retirement nest
egg for yourself.

You will learn which properties represent the
best longterm appreciation rates, command
the highest rents and with the least hassle of

If you refuse to fail at providing your children a college education, please join us and learn how you can ensure your families future by owning one of two income-producing rental properties.

Date: Thursday, October 14th, 2010.
Time: 6:30pm – 7pm EDT / 7:30pm - 8 pm CST

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Hosted by CRS Network, our moderator will explain how to not only pay for college from rental income, he will explain how to eliminate the customary hassles of rental property ownership using third-party management services.